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Pink is not the new black. Black is the new rainbow.
Memoirs of the Rainbow Emperor
If I had the strength....I'd punch my way to dominance.
If I had the speed.......I'd kick my way to the end.
If I had the power.......I'd elbow my way up the ladder.
If I had the knowledge...I'd headbutt my way to solutions.

If I had just enough drive in me..


If I had a blonde girlfriend, I would wear a toga.

If I had a blonde boyfriend, I could part the seas.

If I could part the seas, I could become the saviour.

If I could do that......

.....then infinite words would tell me it's over.

If I had the ability to do all of that, that means everybody has something different to wear. All thanks to me.

It sort of makes me proud, but it also makes me sad a lot more.

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o hay sup i think ill go buy ffxi today

kp <3
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..hehe, I like that picture.
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A warning to everybody out there:


I hate this more than anything in the world, because I am a very stubborn person. If you talk to me, you'd damn well better let me know who you are, or else I will block you and shut you out. PERIOD.

P.S.- I'm not in the mood for bullshit right now, so I disabled comments. We can laugh about this later, but not now.
Leaving work early is the shit. I finished everything an hour before my shift was over. wee~

Looks like the only day off for me this week is going to be Friday, meaning no SF tourn for me. Oh well.
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Uurrgh, why is it that even though Guilty Gear Isuka is the worst fighting game ever made, A.B.A. is just so cute to look at? Seriously, this poster is just really pretty. Perhaps a bit too pretty for its own good, but still nice to look at. Damn you, Ishiwatari....
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Katsucon, more like....FATSUCON AM I RITE 8)

But seriously, this year was like the SvC:Chaos of anime conventions: it sucks at first...REALLY hard, but then you just sit back and laugh at it.

REAL update later.
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I'm getting way drowsy right now, but not sleepy. Surprising, but not really.

Anyway, Katsucon is two days away, but at this point, most of my anxiousness has been killed from angst and work. What a drag, I say..but I'm still going, and hopefully, this will cheer me up a bunch.

Current Mood: depressed depressed

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The closing shift tonight fuckin' blew.

The assistant manager blasted the All Your Base mp3 on the loud speakers AGAIN.

Truly, this is a punishment from God for my sins.
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