Johnny Rainbow (johnny_rainbow) wrote,
Johnny Rainbow

Alright, this Saturday, The Johnny Rainbow Show will have a special guest host! I never thought this would happen, as I just expected to do this in my room by myself. Who knows what might happen next, I just might take this show on the road! First up, Nishijin, next Madison Square Garden, then maybe I'll hit the big time and make it to the Cow Palace at Tupelo, Mississippi!

But I'll be doing this at the church I go to, and I will have as my guest Ms. Tomoko Hino(if you've heard my last podcast, yeeeeah....her...but I'm gonna have this be professional). To give a little info about her, she studied in California for about six or so years, so not only is her English very good, but she also has a decent grasp of American culture. SO, if you'd like to ask her questions, then comment on this entry your question. If you don't have an LJ account and you want to ask a question, then please leave your name or what you prefer to be called on your comment as well.

You can ask whatever you want, but keep in mind that I WILL be doing this at a church, so nothing too raunchy.


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